Schedule an On-Demand Webinar to Learn More About Freshman Focus

Is your school interested in starting a ninth grade transition program? Are you researching programs and trying to find the one right for your students? Or maybe you’re looking for some fresh ideas for your existing program?

Take advantage of an online Freshman Focus workshop and learn more about this program from the comfort of your office or school. Freshman Focus’ online workshops are designed to introduce participants to the program and develop an understanding of the process involved in the implementation of Freshman Focus programs.

Webinar participants will:

  • Understand the need for 9th grade transition programs
  • Learn implementation ideas
  • Review the ten Freshman Focus academic & social curriculum modules
  • See a powerful model for 9th grade orientation camps
  • Check out the exclusive Freshman Focus Online Resource Center
  • Start planning now to change the way Freshmen are treated in your school!


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Schedule a Webinar