The Freshman Focus curriculum is divided into 10 Modules. Each Module has specific objectives designed to cover the many social and academic issues and topics that students need to be successful in high school. Modules are designed to build from one to the next in both content and intensity. Additionally, they are meant to be timely so that issues being discussed in Freshman Focus correspond to events and activities happening at the school and in students’ lives.

The Freshman Focus curriculum includes detailed lessons, activities, and discussion guides to complement each of the 10 Modules.

  • Module #1: High School Survival Skills
  • Module #2: Building Relationships
  • Module #3: Making the Grade
  • Module #4: Navigating the Digital World
  • Module #5: Exploration
  • Module #6: My Academic Toolkit
  • Module #7: Emotions & Conflict
  • Module #8: Leadership
  • Module #9: Safe & Healthy Decisions
  • Module #10: Ready for Tomorrow

In addition to the Freshman Focus modules, the curriculum includes The Challenge – a project-based learning experience. In The Challenge, students are put in the driver’s seat to make a difference for their school, their community, and their futures!

Working collaboratively over a period of 50 Freshman Focus lessons, 9th graders must finish five Missions to complete The Challenge. Each Mission requires purposeful research, planning, and teamwork and can’t be finished without the creation of an authentic product that solves a real problem.

The Challenge makes students the decision makers and the problem solvers – all to ease the transition into high school and make it a great experience!

  • Mission #1: School Spirit – How Can We Make It Happen?
  • Mission #2: Bullying – How Can We be Bully FREE?
  • Mission #3: Leadership – Can We All be Leaders?
  • Mission #4: Safe & Healthy Decisions – Is It Worth the Risk?
  • Mission #5: Skills & Jobs – Will We be Ready for Work?

For the school wanting to take student leadership to the next level and transform the culture of the whole school, The Campus Series can be incorporated into the Freshman Focus program. The Campus Series can also be used as a stand-alone program to enhance an existing student leadership team such as student council.

The Campus Series builds leadership opportunities for students to organize and implement school-wide events and activities that improve the school’s culture in four Strands.

Each month, students choose from a variety of activities and events within each Strand to implement. Students can choose one Strand for focus all year or use multiple Strands to make a difference in their school!

  • Strand #1: Spirit
  • Strand #2: Service
  • Strand #3: Community
  • Strand #4: Achievement, College & Career